The Curse of Canaan: A Second Look at the Fifth Commandment

Exodus 20:12 – Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you. When I ask people for their interpretation of the meaning of the second half of the fifth commandment, the most common response I get is that respect for elders […]

What Happened in Heaven on Pentecost?

Most Christians are reasonably familiar with the events surrounding the day of Pentecost.  The faithful are in one accord and the Holy Spirit manifests as tongues of fire.  Then they go forth speaking in many languages previously unknown to them.   Yet, they are fluently understood by those present from the far reaches of the […]

What Happened in Heaven on the Day Christ Rose from the Dead?

Many people are probably aware of the scenes of the resurrection associated with the tomb and the disciples. A mighty, radiant angel sits upon the rolled away stone. The Roman guards cower as dead men. Mary sees her Lord. And, under various circumstances Christ appears to the faithful. However, have you considered the wonderful events […]