Atheist Group Filed Complaint Against School When Pastor Prayed For Injured Player reported that an Atheist group filed complaint against a school in Tennessee where a player was severely injured by a blow to the neck that made him unable to move his legs.  So, another student asked the youth pastor Eric Dill of Bayside Baptist Church to pray for the injured player. Pastor Dill prayed with the student and […]

Does aesthetic beauty defy evolution?

Philip Johnson, a Berkeley professor of Law, introduced the movement of intelligent design. His expertise in law was in the evaluation of the weight of evidence in court proceedings.  While he was on a sabbatical leave in Oxford, Johnson read the book by Michael Denton “Evolution: a theory in Crisis”. Weighing the evidences, Johnson saw […]


Stigmata is a 1999 supernatural horror film starring Patricia Arquette as an atheist hairdresser who was afflicted with the stigmata after acquiring a rosary formerly owned by a deceased Italian priest who himself suffered from the phenomena. What is “Stigmata”? Today,  the word Stigmata stands for the wounds or bodily marks in locations corresponding to […]

For Atheists and Agnostics

Suppose someone you loved lay dying, and the doctor offered to try a new “miracle drug” that he could not guarantee but that would have a 50-50 chance of saving your beloved’s life. Would it be reasonable to try that drug? Certainly! Suppose that God might or might not exist. It is a gamble whether […]

Josh Hamilton’s victory over drugs

Josh Hamilton had a dream that he would be in Yankee Stadium in a Home Run. His dream came true in July 14, 2008. But it wasn’t long ago that Hamilton wasn’t a professional baseball player at all. He was a cocaine and heroin. And he had to drop out of baseball for three years. […]