American Independence Started With A Prayer

America’s fight for independence from British rule began with Scripture and prayer. On Sept. 7, 1774, the gathering of America’s First Continental Congress summoned a minister from Philadelphia named Jacob Duché to lead the assembly in prayer. John Adams, who was present at this historic meeting  wrote to his wife Abigail describing the event: “Accordingly the […]

Love beyond feelings!

True love is manifested in actions rather than words. Unlike the popular belief that it is measured by feelings, true love is measured by behavior. Feelings are subject to change but true love never changes because it is a principle. It transcends impulses that are triggered by emotions. Love is what we do regardless of […]

God’s Dilemma

Once upon a time there was a peaceful kingdom. The king was known for his great mercy and justice. All the subjects were happy except for one evil prince who, because of the king’s laws, could not get away with his evil schemes. So, the evil prince came up with a plot to deceive one […]

The proof of love

Have you ever thought that the very fact that God sent His Son to pay the penalty for our sins is evidence that His Word CANNOT be broken? God made a covenant with mankind which required our sin debt to be covered by blood. Jesus came to pay our sin debt. If God’s Word could […]

The White Poison!

I watched a health video that really surprised me. The average American consumes an astounding two to three pounds of sugar each week. This is because refined sugars are found in processed foods that we don’t suspect such as bread, breakfast cereal, mayonnaise, peanut butter, ketchup, spaghetti sauce and almost everything else. Just one cola […]