Noah’s Ark: Reclaiming God’s Rainbow

Ken Ham founder of Answers in Genesis announced on Facebook that he decided to reclaim “God’s rainbow”—announcing the massive ark exhibit will be permanently bathed in rainbow lights. The ark, a 500-foot-long construction, is the focus of the biblical theme park built in Williamstown, Kentucky. Hundreds of thousands of people have come to visit the […]

The Love Story Of Turia Pitt And Michael Hoskin

Michael Hoskin fell in love with a beautiful woman before a devastating accident destroyed her lovely appearance. In 2011, a freak accident during an ultramarathon through the Australian Outback, left 65 percent of Turia’s body covered in extreme burns. During her hospitalization, Michael bought an engagement ring, and promised himself, “If she lives, I’ll marry her.” Turia […]

Jaelene Hinkle: Taking A Stand For Her Faith

Jaelene Hinkle—who plays defense for the North Carolina Courage, made a public stand for her faith. In May, U.S. Soccer announced that both their men’s and women’s national teams would be wearing jerseys with rainbow-colored numbers on them for the month of June to support LGBTQ pride month. When Jaelene Hinkle heard of this decision, she withdrew […]

Is Sweden’s New Microchip The Mark Of The Beast?

According to an Associated Press report, Epicenter, a digital hub in Stockholm that houses more than 300 start-ups and innovation labs for larger companies, has made the implanted microchip available to its workers and to member organizations. Epicenter and a handful of other companies offer to implant its workers and start-up members with microchips the size of grains of rice that function […]

Love beyond feelings!

True love is manifested in actions rather than words. Unlike the popular belief that it is measured by feelings, true love is measured by behavior. Feelings are subject to change but true love never changes because it is a principle. It transcends impulses that are triggered by emotions. Love is what we do regardless of […]

Remembering The Brave

While the American nation is remembering this Memorial Day weekend with grief all the faithful who died serving the country’s armed forces, another sad incident of death took place in Egypt today where 28 Coptics were murdered for simply being Christians. The Associated Press reported security officials as saying witnesses saw between eight and 10 attackers, dressed in […]

Jim Caviezel: Abortion Is America’s ‘Great Sin’

Passion of the Christ’s actor Jim Caviezel is an outspoken advocate for the pre-born and their right to life. Caviezel’s personal life is a live testimony to what he preaches. Jim and his wife Kerri have adopted two children from China with special needs. Their first child, Bo, was adopted after a traumatic five years experience with brain damage and was abandoned, […]

Pot Legalization In Colorado Causes More ER Visits

NBC News reported on May 4, 2017 that the number of teenagers going to emergency rooms have more than quadrupled after the state of Colorado legalized the use of Marijuana. The teen patients displayed mostly symptoms of mental health. The researcher Dr. George Sam Wang and colleagues examined Colorado state university hospital’s emergency department and urgent care […]

The Universe Whispers

The universe contains heavenly bodies of incredible size and mass spaced at distances which the human brain cannot fully grasp or conceptualize. If we travel away from our small blue planet, we find that the moon, the nearest heavenly body (2,100 miles in diameter) orbits from earth at an average distance of 240,000 miles. And if we […]

Anti God Christmas Messages from Atheists 

Members of the nation’s largest atheist group are celebrating a victory in Shelton, Connecticut, where they’re displaying a message this Christmas holiday that says God doesn’t exist and religion “enslaves minds.”  This is how the message reads: “At this season of the Winter Solstice, may reason prevail. There are no gods, no devils, no angels, […]