The Love Story Of Turia Pitt And Michael Hoskin

Michael Hoskin fell in love with a beautiful woman before a devastating accident destroyed her lovely appearance. In 2011, a freak accident during an ultramarathon through the Australian Outback, left 65 percent of Turia’s body covered in extreme burns. During her hospitalization, Michael bought an engagement ring, and promised himself, “If she lives, I’ll marry her.” Turia […]

Love beyond feelings!

True love is manifested in actions rather than words. Unlike the popular belief that it is measured by feelings, true love is measured by behavior. Feelings are subject to change but true love never changes because it is a principle. It transcends impulses that are triggered by emotions. Love is what we do regardless of […]

Jim Caviezel: Abortion Is America’s ‘Great Sin’

Passion of the Christ’s actor Jim Caviezel is an outspoken advocate for the pre-born and their right to life. Caviezel’s personal life is a live testimony to what he preaches. Jim and his wife Kerri have adopted two children from China with special needs. Their first child, Bo, was adopted after a traumatic five years experience with brain damage and was abandoned, […]

Loving The Haters

Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, was captured after he was charged by federal prosecutors in both New Jersey and New York with planting a series of bombs across the two states, including a pressure cooker bomb that exploded on West 23rd Street in Manhattan on last Saturday injuring 31 people. It is very sad that the […]

The World Watches A Little Boy!

CNN presented a report that touched the world. Its about a little boy by the name of Omran Daqneesh. Bloodied and covered with dust, he clings to the man who pulled him from the rubble of his bombed-out home. The world watches him sitting silently in total chock in an ambulance awaiting help. What is […]

Olympic Swimmer: Maya DiRado

Madeline Maya DiRado, 23, has already won three medals in Rio – gold, silver and bronze. She is a native of Santa Rosa, California. And in a recent interview with Christianity Today, Olympic medal-winning swimmer talked about her Christian faith: “I was raised by two strong Christians … Marit and Ruben,” DiRado told reporter Dorcas Cheng-Tozun. “I always attended […]

The Four Letters that can change the world!

The word ‘Love’ brings different images to one’s mind. For a child, it may be his parents or toys; for a teenager it might be his friends or sports; for a young man it could be his girl friend or movies; for a married guy it could be his family or  job; for an older person it […]

An Act Of Love?

The United Methodist church defrocked Pastor Frank Schaefer from central Pennsylvania on Thursday for violating doctrine by officiating his son’s gay marriage, leaving the minister shocked and upset that he could be punished for an act which he called an act of love. An act of love? Does Pastor Frank love his son more than […]

The Greatest Love Story

2000 years ago God proved His love for humanity by sending His only Son to earth. Jesus came to this dark world to save us and reveal the Father’s love “I have declared unto them Thy name,”–“merciful and gracious, long-suffering, and abundant in goodness and truth,” (John 17:26; Exodus 34:6). Our tiny blue planet is […]