New Research: When Does Life Begin?

There has been much debate as to when does life begin?  Some don’t accept the embryo as a living organism and they claim “it’s just a living organism.” These add that for this reason abortion is justified. And they continue if the embryo is really just a clump of cells, then those cells must rely on […]

Eduardo Verastegui has a message

Eduardo Verastegui the singer/model/actor, who once was caught up in the self-indulgence, glamour, and money, says he has no fear of public rejection for denouncing “the holocaust of abortion”. “I had it all, man, the women, the money, the adulation. But you know what I found out? It means nothing. I was empty inside, with […]

Saving the family unit – Mission Impossible?

Today in 2012, the expectations and pressures on women are above and beyond what they used to be say 100, 50, or even 25 years ago. Originally, based on religion or tradition or whatever you want to call past time beliefs, women were home-makers. They raised children, took care of the family. But now, in […]