Modern Israel in Bible Prophecy

Bible prophecy teachers around the world are putting a lot of emphasis on the modern nation of Israel and the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple. And millions of America’s politically active Christians believe God Himself is not only behind modern Israel, but that He will finally destroy the enemies of the Jewish State at Armageddon. […]

Four Blood Moons: An Omen?

The prophecy of the Blood Moon Tetrads is causing a ripple across the Bible community. John Hagee, the televangelist, predicted that the upcoming lunar tetrad is fulfillment of Bible prophecy and that the lunar eclipses foreshadow a world-shaking event that will originate in the Middle East between April 2014 and October 2015. Hagee published his […]

Are There Sufferers in Purgatory Today?

  Catholics teach that the living should pray for their dead who are burning in Purgatory to speed up their deliverance from suffering. But is this teaching Biblical? According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, Purgatory is “a place or condition of temporal punishment for those who, departing this life in God’s grace, are not entirely free […]

Modern Israel and Bible Prophecy

Today around the globe, millions interested in Bible prophecy have their eyes fixed on Jerusalem. Best-selling author Dave Hunt speaks of his views on the back cover of his popular book, A Cup of Trembling. He writes: “Fast-moving events in the Middle East point almost daily toward the grand finale—the time of greatest suffering for […]

Digital Immortality

Futurists believe that by 2045, humans will achieve digital immortality by uploading their minds to computers without the need for a biological body. Kurzweil — an inventor, predicts that by 2045, technology will have surpassed human brainpower to create a kind of superintelligence — an event known as the singularity. He addes, “based on conservative […]