Loving The Haters

Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, was captured after he was charged by federal prosecutors in both New Jersey and New York with planting a series of bombs across the two states, including a pressure cooker bomb that exploded on West 23rd Street in Manhattan on last Saturday injuring 31 people. It is very sad that the […]

David Boudia and Steele Johnson: Rio Olympics

When Team USA members David Boudia and Steele Johnson emerged from their final dive Aug. 8 at the Rio Olympics, they earned the the silver medal in men’s synchronized platform diving. (RNS) But the glory, both men said belonged to someone else. Boudia, 26, told NBC, “There’s been an enormous amount of pressure. I’ve felt […]

Eduardo Verastegui has a message

Eduardo Verastegui the singer/model/actor, who once was caught up in the self-indulgence, glamour, and money, says he has no fear of public rejection for denouncing “the holocaust of abortion”. “I had it all, man, the women, the money, the adulation. But you know what I found out? It means nothing. I was empty inside, with […]

You’re a god?

There is no God! A Statement like this is valid when, and only when, all the possibilities have been exhausted ex. if someone claimed that there were 1,000 rivers in China and none of them was named “Blue Blue Sky.” How many rivers would he have to be familiar with? All 1,000.  Even 0,999  will not be […]